Sunjata Epic

Length: 50 or 80 minutes (optional)

sunjata-epicThis presentation is adapted for all ages and has toured internationally to critical acclaim.

The story defines the courageous struggle of Sundiata Keita, 12th son of the first king of Mali. Unable to walk at birth, Sundiata had an appointment with destiny, forging the largest empire in African history.

“a dazzling display”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The epic legend of Sundiata is recalled by the “Jali”, an hereditary musical historian with direct lineage to the royal courts of 13th century Mali. The story is defined through three musical narratives and dramatized by the songs and dances.

“Complex Cultural Circus exhilarating, a tremendous display…”
Adelaide Advertiser, Australia

The transcendent sonority of the kora, xylophones and flute serve to transport the audience into 13th century Mali, while a Manding mask mime solicits audience participation to conjure ambience such as insects, rain or a flock of birds. The drama and excitement unfolds through high calibre gymnastics, drumming, dancing and acrobatic tricks.

“the thrills explode!”
Vancouver Sun

Sundiata culminates with a carnival on the mythical streets of Timbuktu, celebrating peace and unity across the great Manding Empire, also known poetically as “TILIBO”, “the place where the sun comes up”.

“absolutely top-notch…
a stunningly sophisticated blend.”
Bermuda Royal Gazette

Sunjata Epic Video


“dazzling… exciting and dynamic Manding Jata is
unquestionably a company with high artistic standards.”
Kate Newby, Artistic Director
Calgary Int’l Children’s Festival


“A great show! All my colleagues loved the performance.”
Zoe Tang, Assistant Director
Hong Kong Arts Carnival


“Stunning… MANDING JATA delivers a high quality and very marketable arts product.”
Maranne Welsh, Executive Director
Pittsburgh Children’s Festival


“…a real hit with festival audiences.”
Marjorie MacLean, Executive Director
Vancouver International Children’s Festival


“An experience we all will cherish for years to come.”
Paula Maguire, Program Director
Bermuda Kid fest


“A unique cultural experience which captured the interest and enthusiasm of all.”
Pailin Guscott, Marketing
Australian Festival for Young People


“Spectacular…Truly the hit of the festival”
Nuggie Libecap, Program Director
Victoria Theatre, Dayton Ohio


“Wonderful… a spectacular program!”
Linda Liontis, Media Relations
Milk International Children’s Festival,
Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

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